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This project work is design to give insight to the computerized choice counseling System. A lot of youth are face with challenges on which carrier to go into after leaving secondary school. Many have made a lot of mistake in terms of selecting which carrier to go into because many of them are not properly guarded. With the Development of this computerized Carrier Choice Counseling system our youth will be well equipped when making a choice. Counseling is the skills of helping people cope with personal difficulties through interviews and other procedures, with the aim of allowing them to reach solutions to those difficulties themselves. The term covers a wide spectrum of therapeutic activity, from practical advice given during one or two meetings to sympathetic attention over months or years. Counselors may specialize in particular areas, such as bereavement, trauma after battle or disaster, or living with serious illness. Other counselors help particular groups, such as teenagers, the unemployed, or refugees. Married couples in difficulties or troubled families may seek counseling together. This is project work is achieved by the help of programming language like visual basic which is used for creating the program interface and Microsoft Access which is used for database creation of various carrier opportunity available in our society. Links are made between the Visual Interface and Database created for effective running of the program.

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