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The global community especially the technologically advanced world is striving to attain what has been the global information age. It is an age that is envisaged to go beyond the use of computers as a mere tool for fast information processing, rather they will also become medium for processing and transferring such information from one location to another at an equally fast rate. As a result, it’s appalling that sales in developing country like Nigeria have not been able to benefit much from this revolutionized age of Information technology especially in the area of a computerized Point Of Sales and Inventories. A computerized point of sale and inventories system is a computer program which takes the best out of a manual system and electronic cash registers features. An electronic point of sale gives you the ability to store client and supplier records, create quotations which can be later converted to invoices or cash sales, keep track and categorize your inventory in an easy way and generate reports not just by a click of a button but also at any point in time. With today's high-performance computers and large storage devices, one can easily run his/her business on an office computer (depending on the size of the business).

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