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Companies’ revenue and profit have been adversely affected by the ever-increasing incidence of industrial conflicts between workers and management in recent times. Each time there is a conflict, most likely strike ensues thereby giving rises to manna-day hours lost which brings about loss in productivity. This has really been a problem in the aim various sectors of the economy. It is the aim of this research work to find out the course and the remedy to industrial conflicts. This research work has five chapters. Chapter one contains a general discussion of the industrial conflicts. It further state the problem, the scope, the limitation and finally the definition of terms. A number of proof related literature examiners by other studies as it relates to industrial conflicts are highlighted in chapter two. Chapter three deals with the design of the study, the method used in collecting relevant data. In chapter four, the data got from the research survey were analyzed and interpreted. Finally, the summary of findings, conclusion on the research and recommendations made by the researcher are all in chapter five.

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