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This research work entitled “Accounting information in decision making in small scale and medium enterprises in Nigeria” is at exploring the role of accounting information in small-scale firms. The primary aim of any business enterprise is to make a profit. The success and survival of any business is a function of its profitability. However, the level of success is to a considerable extent, a function of the number and quality of the accounting records kept and systems in operation. In trying to define a small-scale business or enterprise and its characteristics, the researcher will try to explore the problems, sources of funds and the role/importance of small-scale firms in Nigeria. An attempt will be made to define accounting information and its role in the decision-making process. It was discovered that the profitability of a small-scale firm is a function of the number of accounting records kept and the qualification of the entrepreneur. The researcher, therefore, recommends that the entrepreneur should endeavor to understand the basis in bookkeeping o as to able to prepare complete and accurate records of transactions. They should equally engage the services of experienced and qualified accounting personnel. Following the above, the researcher concluded that for improved decision making through improved accounting information, entrepreneurs of small-scale firms should endeavor to understand and apply basic bookkeeping or engage the services of experienced and qualified accounting personnel to carry out that function.

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