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This project work, is a computerization it an asynchronous pin code generating system of an organization. Full duplex asynchronous data transfer system based on a single-phase two-line coding. (a) Data is transmitted from a primary module PM to a secondary module SM, while data is transmitted from the secondary module SM to the primary module PM independently at the same time. (b) Code words A and B, in which data and color (request signal: ODD or EVEN) are superimposed on each other, are sent from the primary module PM and secondary module SM during a request mode. When the two colors are coincident with each other, the data are sent. A code word C is created, on transmission pincode numbers, from the code words A and B and sent to the primary module PM and secondary module SM during a response mode. The two modules are adapted to determine from the code word C that the colors are the same. When the colors are the same, the respective transmitted data are decoded from the code word C. In this way, a data transfer can be performed in a full duplex asynchronism during a single cycle

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