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This research study intends to take into the importance of auditing as a tool in economic development. Often times it is reported at various companies, corporation and other enterprises that productivity is low efficiency narrowed, misappropriation of funds has occurred. The study will, therefore, find a solution to this problem Furthermore, the research study will try to disclose problems like misappropriation of funds, fraud, and irregularities and possibly find solutions to these problems. The research study will also find a solution to the imperfection in the ability of those managing resources entrusted with them. The sources of data for the researcher will be as follows. 1. Primary data: The researcher intends to use a questionnaire, interviews, and personal observation. 2. Secondary data: The major secondary data which the researcher intends to use are textbooks Journals, accountancy. However, there are so many constraints that I will face in this research work and which include: 1. Lack of finance 2. Limited time as a result of combing the research work and my academic work. 3. Lack of material for the research work Finally what I hope to achieve at the end of this research work is to find a solution to the imperfection on the resource of the organization and the importance of auditing in the economic development of the country.

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