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Efficiency in auditing provides means of appraising a company’s performance and diagnosing its ills and weakness. The researcher conducted a critical study on this topic with the intention of finding out the extent to which the company Nigeria breweries plc. Aba has carried out efficiently appraised and highlighted deficiencies and inefficiencies which are usually believed as not existing and whether the company Nigeria breweries plc, Aba is as efficient as it should be. The researcher also carried out a study t find out the causes of low company performance and how best to eradicate this annually by applying efficiency in the auditing process. This research work is broken into five chapters. The first chapter gives the general introduction and discussions of the background of the study, statement of the study, objectives of the study, significance of the study, hypothesis testing, scope and definition of terms. Chapter three deals with research design and methodology. Chapter four deals with data analysis. Chapter five deals with findings, recommendation, and conclusion. The researcher used oral and written data library research which formed part of the secondary data. Based on the above facts, the researcher formulated the test hypothesis making use of null hypothesis the company auditing process is not efficient. Alternative hypothesis-H1. The company’s auditing process is efficient. Lastly, an attempt made on how best Nigerian breweries plc should be improved by applying efficiency in the auditing process by carrying out the following objectives. General analysis of the company. Reviewing and appraising the soundness, adequacy, and application of accounting and other operational control. Ascertaining policies, plans, and procedures of auditing by the company.

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