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Due to the rapid increase in the Socio-economic problem of this Country, and as a result of Millions of Naira being wasted at project sites, I decide to go into surveying the avenue in which this wastage of funds and improper Accounting will be curtailed and the economic problems are ameliorated. It will assume most of these problems arise as a result of poor budgetary plans implementation in this country. I will, therefore, introduce the study in chapter one of this thesis with a clear statement of the problems inherent in poor budgetary plan implementation. In the Second chapter, I will put efforts to give some definition of the budget which is an estimate and refers to the future. In this same chapter, the major causes of poor budgetary plans implementation will be emphasized. In this chapter, I will also put-up some research work and discussion of At least two (2) to five (5) year budgets of the then Anambra State Government-their budgets and budgetary procedures and speeches of some of the Governors may also be discussed as the case may be. The effort would be applied to give reference comparison with that of 1995 and 1996 in chapter one to two which filed short of the target by inflation. Other relating literature will also be reviewed in this chapter, thus setting the way in which they will support that most budgets are not properly implemented. Implementation of budgetary plans can be affected by inflation and the interest of the leaders-all these will be looked into in this chapter. Chapter three will present the design and methodology which will include the sources of data, interview questions, samples to use and method of investigation too. Chapter four will analyze the collected data. The questions in the questionnaire will analyze one on one writing numbers and percentage of responses that will affirm to a particular answer presenting all vice versa. Chapter five will be the last chapter and may bone the findings.

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